Birds of a Feather...

Meet my newest obsession - feather hair extensions:

The minute I saw these, I knew I had to have them.  This fits in perfectly with my flared-almost bell bottomy jeans I've been lusting after ;)

This gorgeous hair accessory is made from different colored rooster feathers (love the black/natural striped ones!!), and they can be heat-styled (on a medium to low heat).

I'm not big on dying my hair, or getting highlights (I haven't done that in over 6 years), but I love that these feather hair extensions add a little pizazz without the damage of dye.  The type I ordered was the clip in version, but many salons have started to offer semi-permanent feather hair extensions.  They work in the same way that normal hair extensions would in that they grow out with your hair.  I would've loved to get the semi-permanent ones, but I highly doubt it would bode well with my day job :)

I just ordered mine late last week (I found a vendor on etsy that sells them), so once I get it in, I can't wait to share pictures!

What do you think?  Would you give this a try, or is it a little too wild for your tastes?


Neda B. said...

I love it!!! I think it'll look great it hair that is straight and long...for me- since I already have slightly bird's nest like hair- this may just accentuate that in a new way'll be awesome on you- please post pics!!!

Payal'sCloset said...

Neda you're awesome!!! I'm so glad you're keeping up with my blog! I will for sure post pictures once I get it! I think it may have gotten delayed due to the blizzard! Ahh I hate Chicago winters!!!

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