Playing in the Spicy Chef's Kitchen

Me & The Spicy Chef!
This is my first ever "Playing in a Kitchen" post!

Last week on Thursday, I had the day off of work for Veteran's Day, and I made sure to take full advantage of this.  In fact, I spent the entire morning/afternoon playing in The Spicy Chef's kitchen!  One of my best friend's, Suzy, is currently in culinary school, and she's also starting her own catering/cooking demo business!  I swear I was looking forward to this the whole week!!

Here's what she had planned for the menu:
-Buttermilk biscuits
-Blueberry muffins
-Almond macaroons with raspberry filling
-Risotto w/ sweet peas, shitake mushrooms, shallots, and my favorite part, black truffle pate!
-Chicken Marsala

Since the words don't do it justice - I just so happened to capture most of this with my digi-cam.  Check it out!
All the different types of flour we used!

Me cutting out the biscuits

Our blueberry muffin dough

Me whipping egg whites by hand until they form stiff peaks!  This is a total workout!!!

How do you  know they're done?  If you can hold it over your head and it doesn't drip!

Biscuits are done!
We piped out our macaroons.

Here's our plan for lunch.  On the right-hand side, you'll see our plan for plating our dish (almost as important as the food itself!!)

Muffins are ready!

I even learned how to defabricate a chicken!!

Here's the risotto and the Marsala sauce going.  Did you know you have to constantly stir the risotto in order to get it's creamy consistency?  After stirring this for 20+ minutes, I have a new found appreciation for it!

Adding Sherry to the Marsala sauce.

Risotto's finally done!

So is our Marsala sauce.

Here's the chicken that we defabricated, did a 3-step breading procedure on, pan-fried, and then baked.

Roasted tomatoes are done!  Roasted these for 45 mins!

Look at our beautiful end product!  I swear this was most decadent lunch I've ever had!!!

Last, but not least, the macaroons for dessert.
I apologize if I made you guys hungry, but I had to share!  This was seriously one of the best day's off ever!



Anonymous said...

Everything looks so delicious!
I swear cooking is my little guilty pleasure ;) I love cooking but I do not like eating lol!
Last week I was feeling like baking a chocolate cake, found a recipe for one and changed it to make it less fattening.
My cake turned out to taste and look exactly like the one my mom buys for Christmas dessert! Now I'll be the one in charge of desserts for Christmas :D

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