Fashion's Night In - November 1st

I’m not sure if word is going to spread to the US or not, but it looks like Vogue is throwing a “Fashion’s Night In” on November 1st.  And by “In,” they mean shop online.

I first got word of this through my daily Topshop emails, and after a quick google, I found the official page for Fashion’s Night In:

It looks like they’re following the success of Fashion’s Night Out, and are now doing a promotion encouraging people to shop online.  And, a portion of the proceeds generated will go to a non-profit called Kid's Company.

You don’t have to tell me twice to shop online!!


Anonymous said...

For me fashion's night in would be every night then. I barely ever shop in stores now. There is just something really exciting about waiting for a package in the mail. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Payal'sCloset said...

I totally agree! I swear everytime I get one of my orders in the mail, it's like Christmas!

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